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The power of words


The power of words

Semantics sometimes can lead to strange and curious facts. I will give just two examples that should make us think deeper about our ancient history.
First let’s talk about Teotihuacan. I quote Wikipedia: “The name Teōtīhuacān is given by the Nahuatl-speaking Aztec centuries after the fall of the city. The term has been glossed as "birthplace of the gods", reflecting Nahua creation myths that were said to occur in Teotihuacan. Teotihuacān is a Nahuatl (Aztec) name meaning "place where gods were born" (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Teotihuacan). In ancient Greek, Theós means god. This term defines a lot of other common words such as theology, theory, theosophy etc, all words connected somehow with the concept of God. Strange coincidence to have the same word on the two sides of the Atlantic ocean in pre-Columbian times!
The other word I will speak about is Amen. I will quote Wikipedia again: “The word amen ("So be it; truly") is a declaration of affirmation[1][2] found in the Hebrew Bible and New Testament. Its use in Judaism dates back to its earliest texts.[3] It has been generally adopted in Christian worship as a concluding word for prayers and hymns.[2] In Islam, it is the standard ending to Dua (supplication).” (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Amen) . But there is a strange resemblance with the name of an ancient Egyptian god Amun. By the way Amun is one of the most powerful and important god in the Egyptian pantheon. He is the creator deity and is described starting with the Old Kingdom. He was identified by the Greeks as Zeus. (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Amun). All ancient descriptions of the god Amun look like our Christian God. Same roots I think and the word Amen is the occult remembering of an ancient god! I will not insist on the implications of such “coincidences” but keep them in a corner of your mind.

Generally sacred words were in use in all languages and of course we find them in all sacred texts depicted or carved in and outside temples, churches, statues, obelisks etc.
Why? Are all those mantras only a spiritual mean of communication with the divinity or is there more then that? Could it represent in certain cases a practical method to give special properties to the materials they were applied to? Sacred words have sacred meanings and all that is sacred information! 

Ancient Egyptians, as all other ancient cultures, had the knowledge of stone masonry especially granite carving, transport and use. They knew somehow the special properties of such material: piezoelectricity, acoustic response and creation of electromagnetic fields due to electric polarization of granite. I think I bring enough evidence in my previously published hypothesis Tutankhamun’s Stargate that nothing that was built by the ancient Egyptians with sacred means was futile and random. They carefully chose the sites to place their temples, pyramids and obelisks. 

I think Chris Dunn is right when he states that the chambers in the Great Pyramid were tuned to resonate to specific frequencies. But ancient Egyptians were able to tune whatever granite stone was necessary to accomplish their goal.
If the theory of David Hatcher Childress that obelisks are some sort of antennas stands, then the logical question is how did they tune those antennas in order to make them functional.
One explanation that should be checked by further scientific studies is that the hieroglyphic writing carved on  those obelisks could do the tuning job.
So maybe the ancients found a way to transfer sacred information to sacred stones in order to achieve some technical and practical goals.
It’s easier to tune a granite block without a polished finish. But in the public places of such highly sophisticated society you can not place ugly blocks of stone. Maybe at Carnac or Stonehenge it was not a design problem as in Egypt or those artifacts are much older.
Geophysical studies on granite were conducted by very important scientists and laboratories and the properties and composition of it are very well known. Granite is a very peculiar stone that has a predictable behavior when stressed acoustically or by pressure applied, in dry or wet environments. It’s well known that quartz is part of the structure of the granite that gives its piezoelectric properties. Quartz crystals are not in homogeneous distribution in the granite structure.  But if you want to tune such a granite obelisk you have to determine somehow the distribution of quartz crystals inside the stone structure and then to adjust it in order to make it resonate accordingly to your needs.

Maybe it was possible to locate those quartz crystals by knocking the surface of the granite block or by using some type of musical instruments by the very specialized temple musicians and priests of ancient Egypt. But the tuning itself could be done only by carving. 

And that’s the point! If you carve certain hieroglyphs at certain precise depths in the rock and on precise spots on the obelisk then the properties of that block of stone will be modified deliberately keeping hidden the goal of the carving and obtaining a beautiful sacred object. I wonder if archeologists have ever asked a geophysicist about that issue!
I will not go into technicalities about granite experiments run by specialized scientists but you will find at the bottom of this article some very interesting recommended reading.
So sacred words or spells can influence matter in a much more interesting way than we can imagine. It’s enough to carve a god’s name or a pharaoh’s curse on the right spot and
Magic becomes true!

The obelisks are just an example but the majority of granite blocks in use in ancient Egypt (temples, statues etc) were carved with hieroglyphs even if they could just paint them!
I do not know if there is an intact Egyptian obelisk somewhere in the world. The actual existing artifacts seem to be broken or with erased carvings or parts missing as the gilded pyramidion tops.  I am quite sure that these damages were made deliberately!

If the ancients wanted to disrupt the functionality of their communication tools, it was enough then to erase the pharaoh’s sacred name hieroglyph from the surface of the stone or to crack the sides of the monument. The obelisks are still functioning as amplifiers of electromagnetic waves of some sort but are detuned and out of the useful spectrum. I do not know if that destructive attitude is part of a bigger disruptive communication plan but we can find strange evidence all over the planet! But that is another issue!

The same questions remain to be answered:
How did they discover all those technologies or who taught them to do it?
Who were they communicating with? Why was communication disrupted at a certain moment during human history? What can we learn from a remake or rediscovery of this technology?  
I conclude by saying that as usual further holistic studies are necessary and remember that words are sometimes crystal clear and have really sacred powers!

Recommended reading:
David Childress website:

Chris Dunn Website:


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Equinoxes and solstices.  Both are common words nowadays with no exciting meaning for the most of us but with religious antic powers. All peoples of the earth knew them and respected them a lot. Why? 
Calendars, very precise calendars in fact are present in all ancient cultures. Why?
General explanation: seasons and agriculture, maybe some catastrophic or memorable events. As simple as that!

Do you believe it? I don’t. Too simple!
The peasant plowing in spring knows that it is spring without a precise calendar. You do not have to have a perfect astronomic calendar in order to be aware of an exact date for the annual flooding of the Nile for example. In Stonehenge we have no Nile at all! And the sky is not clear all the time. Sometimes is raining or is foggy. Why redundancy is necessary?

But still why is present in history that curious need for precise dates? They did not have space travel. Or did they? All around the world we have ancient ‘temples’ most of them architectural marvels oriented always according to equinoxes and solstices. We can find an endless list of such buildings and sites that create a network on planet Earth. A network populated all the time by initiated people, shamans, priests, kings, prophets, etc. What if this is more part of a communication network? I’ll explain! These sacred places always involve granite and quartz somehow in the buildings themselves or in the geological location. That means energy, electrostatic power, amplified telluric energy, Ley Lines locations. All ancient civilizations, even the most remote, used gold as the metal of the gods, in all sacred performances, sacred equipment of priests and kings, and especially head bands or gold crowns.
We know that all the calendars in use during the human history, even if there are differences, all of them consider of capital importance the equinoxes and the solstices.

If I reverse somehow this approach, if I am a “god” or an alien that wants to communicate remotely with humans I have to establish some simple rules but very precise. I have to teach them the protocol in order to harvest some free energy from the environment, to amplify it, to create some simple brain waves amplifiers based on gold and precious stones, to teach them how to produce resonant sounds as sacred music, etc. But I have to do that directly, face to face, after a strict selection of smart humans maybe already genetically modified, that can connect and obey!
But what happens when I leave not before telling them that “I’ll be back!”? What if I want to be able to communicate/control even from a remote location in space/time? I need to have some sort of fix and precise astronomical dates, in accordance to this solar system and time frame! The best way to do it is to teach humans to observe the sun during the year and to establish in the easiest way (long lasting markings on the ground) the equinoxes and the solstices. They are more effective then an atomic clock or the best calendar ever! That means historically that our solar system is stable and predictable enough!
So, I created the human network that is always on place if I need them for communication or direct encounters, I cover the entire globe with sacred astronomical observatories (or temples if you want) and now I am sure that I will find someone on its early morning shift job somewhere on earth during this precise four days! If the human contactees keep the protocol and use the gadgets I left as learned from direct encounters then I will have my brain to brain (or conscience to conscience) communication even when I am in space/time but with exact astronomical precision! The dating of the gods will say Von Daniken! Maybe so, and I am quite sure that works that way! Do not forget that for thousands of years solstices and equinoxes were worshiped as sacred dates and we have no stop or pause during the known history of men on this earth whatever the religions or cults would be! We know so little because of hiding in plain view of simple truths and because this sacred technology is still working in our days and the Stargate Keepers are alive and kicking!
Lots of questions about that issue can be raised:
Who is behind all that? What is the purpose? Is it communication, control, manipulation, genetic modification of human targets through resonant waves? Has Shumann resonance effect in the earth’s ionosphere any influence on that ‘communication” during solstices and equinoxes? What is the importance and is there any connection with the mysterious precession of the equinoxes so important in ancient times?

As usual the need for holistic studies is obvious and I hope we will find some answers a way or another, by shaking the scientists or by contemplating on the right day our mysterious sacred monuments.

Recommended sites:

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King Tut communication device











King Tut communication device

(the Tutcom)

 I know that a different approach in the interpretation of ancient religious objects could be considered by the most as bad science or just a speculation close more to science-fiction then science.  But I also know that resemblances between objects and priests garments are obvious at least in three major religions (ancient Egypt polytheism, Judaism and Christianity), more as a common legacy then a mere mimic of these habits. I also know that if you want to hide something, if you want to keep it secret, the effective method is to expose it as clear as you can but you have to have a real good dissimulation to cover it. If in modern times spies hide their gadgets in common use objects, in ancient times this religious items had to be seen by everybody but not to disclose their technical blueprint.  It was easier to commute the attention to a shiny and glamorous piece of work in order to cover its functionality. That I think was the method to cover the real function of religious items or devices presented to the public and believers as sacred jewelry or sacred items that had to be by dogma in use to communicate with the gods. The explanation was that all these items have to be made of gold and precious stones because gods like those beautiful objects and materials! But what if all this jewelry inlaid with faience and precious stones are in fact made with precise and technical communication design?

This article is a follow-up of the previous one regarding Tutankhamun’s tomb as a complex electrostatic machine. I think it’s obvious that the human body was deliberately electro statically charged even when the pharaoh was alive! But what was the point of doing so, what was the goal?  Let’s explore together and maybe we’ll find out!

A curious succession of metal-linen layers were found on Tutankhamun’s mummy. When Carter removed the gold mask, a sort of helmet that could be worn supported by the shoulders, he found the mummy’s head covered with a lot of linen bandages.

Carter describes the uncovering of Tutankhamun’s head as follows:

“ (4N) Some of the outer bandages of the top of the head, remained adhering to the interior of the mask, thus exposing a double rope-like 'lawaya' encircling the crown of the head, made of a (?) fibrous material tightly bound with string. This had slipped down slightly during the operation of withdrawing the head from mask. This peculiar object has loops at the back for attachment and being of very fragile nature it was somewhat broken.

Over the left orbit, possibly originally attached to 4N, though this is not clear, there were six dark blue faience beads.
(4O) Beneath (4N) there were several layers of wrappings, of coarse linen probably for protective reasons, which when removed disclosed around the crown of the head a magnificent diadem, in the form of a gold fillet encrusted, having two back and two side appendages. The side appendages have uraeii attached to them.

(4P) Underneath more wrappings there was a thin sheet gold forehead band. This band extended behind and above the ears, having slits at the extremities for tape attachment tied at the back of the head. On either side of the head were large protective wads of linen.

(4Q) Under diadem (4O) and beneath several thicknesses of wrappings was a (Buto) uraeus on centre of forehead, with body & tail of several sections continuing over the axis of the crown of the head, and sewn at the extreme end to the wrapping - this sewing was in the vicinity of the lambda.
(4R) On the crown of the head and covering that portion of the snake was a heavy sheet gold Nekhbet vulture, her body being parallel with that of the snake, and her open wings covering the crown of the head of the King.

On removing these last two objects it was found that the head wrappings were tied at the back in the manner of a chinon. Note linen headdress.
(4S) Beneath more wrappings, a thin sheet gold band exactly similar to (4P) and in similar position was tied beneath the occiput by means of linen tape fastened by knot in centre - (see photo).
Upon the head was placed a sort of skull cap of fine linen and worked upon a design of curve serpent pattern, this was supposed to secure for the dead one a sight of the sun.
(4T) This actual skull-cap of the thinnest cambric fabric having device of four uraeii worked with very fine faience and gold beads, the centres of the head of the cobras bearing small cartouches, takes in order sequence the letter 4T, and fits closely to the crown of the head. As it would have been practically impossible to remove this device owing to its fragile nature & minuteness of work, it was consolidated with paraffin wax and left in place.

(4U) (4V) Upon the top of the head of the King, was an enormous pad some ... centimetres in height, of linen wads and bandages wrapped in the manner of a modern surgical head bandage. This was of a conical form and in its shape was suggestive of a crown. The linen was in this case in far better preservation than any hitherto found upon the mummy. Its purpose is obscure, though possibly it either represented the form of the crown of Osiris (the mummy being necessarily made in his semblance), or was merely a pad intended to fill up the space that otherwise would have been left empty in hollow of the headdress of the mask. The former explanation seems for the moment to be the more probable. Besides a small amuletic headrest, found beneath the above mentioned head pad this completed the total ornaments found upon the royal mummy.”

But we have to go back to the golden mask. That is also Carter’s description:
“The face, headdress and collarette are of massive sheet gold. Eyes of aragonite, pupils of obsidian, eyelids and eyebrows of lapis lazuli.
The symbols, the uraeus (Buto) and the vulture (Nekhbet), of Upper and Lower Egypt, upon the forehead are also of massive gold inlaid with semi-precious stone and glass.”
As I said above the mask is big enough to be worn as some sort of helmet. And that is intriguing because it was easier to build just a frontal funerary mask. But what if when still being alive Tutankhamun was wearing that mask for other purposes? What could one effectively do with such a mask and what’s the connection with all the other “gadgets’ found on the mummy’s head and neck? Why should be placed the diadem’s two uraeus in contact with the skull behind the ear? Why was placed the Nekhbet gold vulture exactly above the skull, her open wings covering the crown of the head of the King and fixed in proximity of the lambda suture of the skull?
What if we are witnessing an ancient brain waives amplifier, emitter and receiver.
If the mask is a portable resonant chamber, the sheet gold forehead band is the brain wave collector and receiver and the gold diadem with the lateral appendages going on the area of the skull behind the ears or the earlobe (the earlobe is a location with minimal neural activity) is the grounding, then we have a wireless, brainwaves amplifier, communication device! We find the linen wave filters too! 

I think, all the so called amulets and jewelry found on the mummy were devices that in conjunction with the mask and the head bands were used when Tutankhamun was alive! Maybe they were tuned to fit his very personal brain waves and that’s why he was buried with the whole device! They knew how to keep and use the static electrical charge in a living body too! And that combined with the resonant mask will amplify his brainwaves in order to communicate! I have to make another remark! King Tut’s head was shaved as all the priests did in ancient Egypt. Was it a practical reason to do so?

Two strange features are represented on the mask that could have a technical purpose: the royal beard in front and a curious corrugated tube at the back that is going down following the spine. The back of the mask looks also like a focusing item! Of course all that is a speculation but I do not think that what follows is mere coincidence!
This brain controlled technical device is now in use in modern military aviation (as wireless flight control- weapons control) or in brain waves wireless computer control!

And another interesting article:
Here are two civilian applications of a brain wave amplifier and how they work:
Muse device by Interaxon

Muse brain sensors

I prefer to leave to NeuroSky the technical explanation about how our brain works and what really does there device. Here are some quotes from their web page:
MindWave Mobile by NeuroSky
 “The human brain is made up of billions of interconnected neurons about the size of a pinhead. As neurons interact, patterns manifest as singular thoughts such as a math calculation, and broad emotional states such as attention. The average human thinks 70,000 thoughts each day. As a by-product, every interaction between neurons creates a miniscule electrical discharge, measurable by EEG (electroencephalogram) machines. By themselves, these charges are impossible to measure from outside the skull. However, a dominant mental state, driven by collective neuron activity created by hundreds of thousands concurrent discharges, can be measured.”

”Through a century of experimentation, neuroscience experts have determined where specific activity occurs within the brain. Motor control of limbs occurs in the top of the brain, for example. Vision is processed in the back of the brain. From an evolutionary point of view, these basic functions are present in most animals. As humans evolved into more intelligent creatures, the pre-frontal cortex in the front of the brain is where higher thinking occurs. Emotions, mental states, concentration, etc. are all dominant in this area. This is the primary reason for NeuroSky’s main sensor placement on a position known as FP1.”

”Different brain states are the result of different patterns of neural interaction. These patterns lead to waves characterized by different amplitudes and frequencies. As examples, brainwaves between 12 and 30 hertz, Beta Waves, are associated with concentration, while waves between 8 and 12 hertz, Alpha Waves, are associated with calm relaxation. Often overshadowing brainwaves, the contraction of muscles is also associated with unique wave patterns, called EMG. Isolating these EMG patterns is how some NeuroSky devices detect eye blinks. “
 “The single sensor on FP1 provides a high degree of freedom; NeuroSky devices can measure multiple mental states simultaneously. The physics of brainwaves is virtually identical to the physics of sound waves where a single microphone can pick up the complexity of a concert.”

”All electrical devices, including computers, lightbulbs, wall sockets, etc., leak some level of ambient “noise”. This noise is often loud enough to obfuscate brainwaves.”

”Part of NeuroSky’s IP involves noise cancellation. Signal amplification makes the raw brainwave signal stronger. Filtering protocols eliminate known noise frequencies such as muscle, pulse and electrical devices. Notch filters eliminate electrical noise from the grid, which varies from 50Hz to 60Hz, depending on worldwide geography. Filter technology remains at the forefront of NeuroSky R&D, and future products will refine this imperfect capability. “

”Additional IP involves electrical engineering. Extrapolating EEG brainwave signals from noise requires both a reference point and an electrical circuit grounding. The grounding makes the body voltage the same as the headset. The reference is used to subtract the common ambient noise through a process known as common mode rejection. The earlobe is a location that experiences the same ambient noise as the NeuroSky forehead sensor but with minimal neural activity. Hence, it is crucial that the ear connection be securely fit. “
“Electrical signals in neurons are not transmitted the same way electrical signals that travel along wires are nor do they have a source of electricity being fed into them. Instead each neuron creates its own electrical charge. Every time one of these electrical signals reach the end of a neuron, chemicals are released that tell the surrounding neurons to create their own electrical signals. These signals are called “action potentials” and when a neuron creates one it is said to have “fired”.”

”It is possible for atoms and molecules to have a positive or negative charge, these charged particles are known as ions; positive and negative ions want to be paired together like the positive and negative poles of two magnets. When no signal is being transmitted a neuron uses pumps to move positive ions outside of the cell. These pumps require a great deal of energy because the positive ions want to go back into the now negatively charged cell. The energy required to power these pumps comes from ATP, the same molecule that carries energy to muscles throughout the body.”

”The first law of thermodynamics states that energy can only change forms but cannot be created or destroyed. The energy used to power the pumps becomes stored as the charge differential between the inside and outside of the cell. When that differential is removed by the flow of positive ions into the cell, the stored energy is released in the form of small waves. Like little waves combining to create big waves in the ocean, as thousands of neurons fire, the little waves come together to create the larger waves knows as brain waves. It is these dominant brainwaves that are measured by NeuroSky devices. “

“Brain computer interface (BCI) is a system that translates the electrophysiological activity or metabolic rate of an organic organisms’ nervous system into signals that can be interpreted by a mechanical device. “

”NeuroSky devices are affordable, portable, and wireless. Most EEG based consumer devises on the market are essentially stripped down versions of medical EEGs. The core technology behind NeuroSky devices has been built from the ground up. This has allowed NeuroSky to inexpensively produce a chip that that filters out the ambient waves present in most uncontrolled conditions and effectively measures neural activity in virtually any condition with 96% the accuracy of similarly configured research grade EEGs. “
“All NeuroSky technology is unidirectional; where information travels from the brain to the device but not the other way around. It would be physically impossible to use a NeuroSky product to control someone’s thoughts.”

Strangely enough, this brain wave amplifier bands are described by Col. Philip Corso’s book “The day after Roswell” as part of the debris found at the famous Roswell crash site! This item was part of alien ship’s remote control and was sent to be reverse engineered by US aviation contractors! 
I highly recommend an article published here:

The gold mask and the headbands together with all the accessories could have been a brainwave wireless amplifier. This device could be in use to monitor the experiences, the mental state and every day life experience of the pharaoh. As in modern times, brain activity can be influenced by electromagnetic waves, and I’m convinced that the same phenomena could be experienced in ancient times by the use of this mask-diadem feedback device.
We can observe the same Modus Operandi in all that sacred technology. If what Col. Phil Corso disclosed are true historical facts, and I have no reason to doubt about that, I suppose that the same alien species not only did not change this technological approach in more then three thousand years but they still use it as their main bio-technical concept.
Further researches should be done and we are very lucky to have at hand all that ancient marvels.


Col.ret.Philip Corso- "The day after Roswell"

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Tutankhamun’s Stargate

Tutankhamun’s Stargate

In the autumn of 2012 I came to the public with a hypothesis that could be, even if it is a shocking one, a breakthrough in the study of ancient Egyptian sacred technology. I have to mention that all my sources of information are internet based and more holistic studies have to be done in the field.

Reviewing all the documentation I could find on the Ark of the Covenant ( Bible description, documentaries and published articles) it was clear, for me at least, that we are dealing with a real technological device. Also I had been making for years a comparison with the ancient Egyptian technology and the stunning resemblance with the shrines and coffins of Tutankhamun.  There is nothing new to that, a lot of experts, historians or just passionate people did that before. And it is also known that Moses was initiated as a priest at the pharaoh’s court. Underlining that there could be a huge temporal gap between Tutankhamun’s period (18’th dynasty 1330 BC) and the Exodus (not archaeologically dated but there is a debate that places the event 100 to 1000 years prior to Tutankhamun’s reign) I have to say that the continuity of the Sacred Technology was still effective. In fact the history of the Hieroglyphic writing can be a proof of continuity and stability of ancient Egypt’s traditions. But let’s move further!
Tutankhamun's shrines and coffins
notice that the most outter shrine and linen pall are in an offset position to the rest of shrines and coffins

Connecting the usual dots

…and there are a lot of sparse dots to connect I can ensure you!

Thinking about the Ark of the Covenant I came to the conclusion that we have to deal with an energy producing device. But what if that was a portable device, a replica of a bigger machine? How could that work? I found out that experiments on an Ark replica were done in some US universities. I was unable to confirm that. But even so, theoretical studies proposed the idea of an electrostatic capacitor, accumulating high voltage during the desert period of the Exodus. This makes sense but we have some questions to answer.

First of all, what was inside the Ark? We know that there were the two Tablets inscribed by God Himself with the Ten Commandments. How did it work then as a weapon and communication device?

The best way to have some answers was to try to find what similar issues could connect the extraordinary Tutankhamun findings with the Biblical description. For example the jewelry found on Tutankhamun’s mummy is almost identical to the Jewish high priest’s breastplate during the Exodus period. Also of high importance is the exclusive use of linen in the mummification process, the linen pall placed between the shrines in Tutankhamun’s tomb, Egyptian priests and pharaoh garments, Jewish priests’ garments, and so on.

Going back to Tutankhamun I was wondering why was the mummification process so complex! Why did they use so many layers of different materials when the good sense can tell that the Words from the Book of the dead should be enough for the soul to go to the stars? Well, what if the mummification process and actually the whole burial protocol is sacred technology hidden in plain view? What was the point in making the effort to spend such an extraordinary time and precious materials? That was in fact the spark that started my quest on this issue. If it is so important let’s watch closer the burial process!


The mummification procedure

The mummification process’s goal is, as the scholars describe it, to preserve the body from decay by removing the internal soft tissues and organs, removing the moisture from the corpse, embalming the body with oils and wrapping the body into a cocoon of linen stripes sealed with natural resins. Ok. That’s the short version. You can find the complete description of the mummification process here:

UCLA Encyclopedia of Egyptology (Salima Ikram)

Howerd Carter working on Ttankhamun's mummy

  We learn from there that the body was kept for 40 days covered and stuffed with Natron salt. The internal organs where also preserved in Natron in their specific canopic jars.
But why is the Natron salt so important? What chemical properties does it have? We know that it was a natural salt mix harvested from dry salt lake beds or from Wadi al Natrun. Quoting wikipedia natron is  :” sodium carbonate decahydrate (Na2CO3·10H2O, a kind of soda ash) and about 17% sodium bicarbonate (also called nahcolite[1] or baking soda, NaHCO3) along with small quantities of sodium chloride and sodium sulfate
But natron salt is very alkaline! Of course you dry the body by using natron but what else can you achieve? After 40 days the whole body is highly alkaline! And the internal organs in the canopy jars are alkaline too. But a very dry corpse is impossible to bend, loosing the elasticity of the muscles. In order to restore that the embalmers used precious oils and perfumes (that means distilled substances) with real bactericide properties! I will come back on this subject.
The next step in the mummification process was to wrap the body in layers of linen. All that stripes of linen were soaked in natural resins, for the mummy to become an airtight cocoon after the solidification of that resins. But here we find other technological clues! Natural resins are very acid. The contact between the alkaline body and the acidic resin neutralizes the chemical reaction and increases the protection of the resin itself. But that is also a process that allows the resins to keep its permeability to ion exchange! And by the way, the ancient Egyptians were NOT using marine salt (Mediterranean or Red Sea salt) in order to dry the corpses!
If we compare that with the structure of an alkaline battery or better to an alkaline capacitor the evidence is very clear!
A very simple way is to check these descriptions below:
or much better:

The succession of coffins (Matrioska puppets like- another curious coincidence!) does not seem to be coincidental but instead the obvious technological continuation of an electrical project! I have to underline that the succession of layers in the mummy “device” stands as follows: a highly alkaline mummy with a lot of gold jewelry and gold amulets (stuffed with precious stones and faience carvings- see ceramic and electronics) positioned on the body in chakra points, more like an electronic circuitry! A resin-linen membrane (ion exchanger) in direct contact with a solid gold helmet-mask that is in a direct contact with the solid gold most inner coffin that is in direct contact with the next two gilded wood coffins.

Ok. This human capacitor was contained in a granite sarcophagus covered with a thin granite lid.

1-most outer shrine
2-linen pall
3-inner second shrine
4-inner third shrine
5-inner most forth shrine
6-granite sarcophagus

7- most outer gilded wood coffin
8- middle gilded wood coffin
9- most inner solid gold coffin
10-solid gold mask-helmet

What purpose could a granite box have? What properties does the granite itself have?
Actually granite has a highly piezoelectric property due to the quartz composition of it! And it is slightly radioactive being associated with Uranium mines.
Here is a simple explanation about how piezoelectricity works:

All ancient sacred temples around the world were extensively made of granite! All sarcophagi found in Egypt are granite boxes. The inner pyramids chambers are made of granite too and so on! Why?
There is a pattern that we have to follow. But if we postulate that granite and static electricity are part of the puzzle how could we connect the pyramids, the Ark of the Covenant and the Tutankhamun tomb (or the whole Valley of the Kings)? Here is the geological map of Egypt:

Geological map of Egypt
So, the pyramids of Giza have granite core chambers. Egypt is situated on very active seismic fault lines and one of them is situated close to the Valley of the Kings. The Sinai Peninsula is located between two major fault lines and is composed mostly of granite (especially Mount Sinai and surroundings).

Luxor area

Others studied this issue and their theory (ex Christopher  Dunn) is that ancient Egyptians used actually static energy by placing their buildings on Ley lines and amplifying sounds. I totally agree with that and here is why! If in the Great Pyramid the amplifier and resonator were in fact made of granite, the telluric energy harvester was the pyramid itself. I corroborate that with Tutankhamun’s shrines that were used also as telluric energy harvesters. It worked this way. The shrines (as real speaker boxes but with the opening facing the ground) were smaller and smaller, rising the frequency. The linen pall (5.50 metres in length, and some 4.40 metres wide) placed between the first outermost shrine and the second shrine with its metal ornaments ,gilded copper rosettes, behaves like a frequency or sound  filter.
The linen pall

Detail of the linen pall
About the use of linen in modern times I quote from http://www.mastersoflinen.com/eng/breves:
"Linen technical materials in the industry associated with resins are at the origin of « high performance » composite products : window frames (for resistance and insulation), sports equipment, mountain bike helmets, tennis rackets (that absorb vibrations), automobiles (rear-view mirrors and door reinforcements for lightness and rigidity) and eco-construction with particle boards, wool insulations, wood floor under-layers, under-layers and roof linings thanks to linen’s acoustic and thermal properties."

So, the shape of the roofs of the shrines is suggesting the idea of concentrating the vibration to the next shrine and so on until the vibration or sound reached the granite sarcophagus and its lid (having the same strange shape as the roof of the shrines and found broken by Howard Carter!).
Cracked lid

Strange shrine's roof shape

The Tabernacle was covered with ten layers of skins and linen fabric and the internal curtains were made of linen too. 
I can speculate further that the whole tomb was a vibration, telluric, sound harvester. If you study the very strange shapes of the other tombs in the Valley of the Kings you will notice that there is an obvious resemblance to the catacombs or other empty spaces under the main Christian Churches (ex the San Pietro Basilica)! 
San Pietro Basilica grottoes 

I have to underline that all the tombs from The Valley of the Kings were dug according to the calcareous veins found during the carving. I am sure it has to do with the acoustics properties of each site. It looks like every tomb was tuned specifically in accordance to the geological structure.
KV62- Tutankhamun's tomb

More on the structural design of Teban necropolis here:

An obvious question that arises is what does the above have to do with the Ark of the Covenant? I found out that we are dealing with the same technological concept and use of electrostatic energy with slightly different design.
The best parallel between ancient Egypt and the Bible is in Edward H Sugden’s book
“ Israel’s debt to Egypt”  ( you can find the PDF here:
The resemblance between Tutankhamun’s burial tech and the Ark is crystal clear. But I have to say that the Ark was intended to work as a portable complex machine ONLY with the other elements put all together! The granite environment was provided by the highly seismic area of  the Sinai Peninsula itself. 
Sinai Peninsula geological map

 It was impossible to charge the Ark at its maximum capacity without the courtyard and the Tabernacle. The Tabernacle and the courtyard poles were the telluric energy or vibration harvesters that were focused on the Ark of the Covenant inside the Holy of Holies. The Ark contained probably 2 layers of quartz crystal as resonant piezoelectric material. The Bible description of the Tabernacle, Courtyard and Ark of the Covenant is extremely precise in order to make it work
Tabernacle complex

Inside the Tabernacle

And now comes a very interesting part! A few years ago were discovered and produced as part of a DARPA and National Nanotechnology Infrastructure Network financed project, piezoelectric energy vibration harvesters! These energy harvesters are tuned to the frequency of an engine for example and when they resonate they produce electricity. The goal is to replace rechargeable batteries because they are environmental friendly and they can work up to 20 years without replacement! But also they can be used as wireless sensors because they have the property to emit radio waves and they behave also as microphones! They can be intercepted and that started an immediate debate as soon the vibration harvesters were presented to the public.

Remember that God’s voice was generated between the two Cherubs of the Ark’s lid? Strange coincidence!

Other features of Tutankhamun’s tomb can be connected to an electrostatic force. The inside of the granite sarcophagus shows destruction marks on the inside walls and as I said previously the lid was broken. The mummy was found carbonized.
Tutankhamun's carbonized mummy
NGS stock photo by Kenneth Garrett

Christopher Dunn also found evidence of great destruction into the Great Pyramid and scorch marks on the sealing of the Grand Gallery.

Another element that I interpret as sacred technology is represented all around the exterior of the most outer shrine as a succession of double Djed pillars and Tiyt “knots”.
More on their scholar explanation here:

But interpreting the Djed pillars as electrical insulators, the double succession of symbols on a blue faience background suggests that Tiyt is also an electrical device.  It can be explained as an electroshock warning and as an electric circuit too. I have to mention that blue is the color that represents all the things of celestial origin and natron was used to obtain it. It is called also Egyptian Blue!

The details are more intriguing suggesting a complex energy harvesting and transporting, and a dual or pulsating effect! The 7 lines could represent the safe distance between the two pair of devices. A royal cubit is 52.5 centimeters and is divided into 7 palms.
Or are we dealing also with brushes? Friction creates electrostatic energy, remember?

An interesting visual comparison can be done with Leyden jars batteries. Even the round folders of the Tiyt show the ability to avoid the corona discharge effect.
Leyden jarss battery

Another strange feature is that most of the important Egyptian shrines were carried not on wheels but on sledges! Why use sledges? It makes more difficult to move such heavy things due to the friction created with the sand and stones!
Canopy jars sarcophagus, linen pall and sledge

But returning to these curious sledges I can say that dragging them on the ground was a very effective way to get an electrostatic charging of the shrines! By the way, even the canopic jars were placed in an alabaster sarcophagus inside a gilded wood shrine on sledges! All the Egyptian Gods represented by statues were also covered with linen palls and “energized” by being placed into gilded wooden shrines on sledges!

Shrines on sledges
Was this sort of electrostatic energy used in order to polarize the electrical charge in granite blocks in order to move them as a MAGLEV train?
What’s the importance of sacred music in this technology? It’s known that each temple had its own group of singers. Also ancient Egyptians knew very well the resonant properties of their musical instruments in order to build and tune them. Religious chants have to keep precise sound vibration frequencies even today!
If my theory is confirmed by holistic scientific studies a couple of important questions arise:
What power could generate the sacred Apis bull’s mummies placed in the enormous granite sarcophagi of the Serapeum?
What if a complete burial device, similar to that of Tutankhamun is placed into the King’s chamber of the Great Pyramid of Giza?
If this was also a wireless communication device who were they talking to?
Were did the ancient Egyptians get their knowledge from?
Is that the main power resource for the real Stargate of the Gods?
Was it built as a soul, consciousness booster to the stars?
Were the Fallen Angels really fallen with a spaceship and stranded on Earth? Have they had to use even the dead bodies of their companions in order to “phone home”?

I am sure that ancient Egyptians knew how to harvest, to store and to use electrostatic energy! They had great acoustics, geological and chemical knowledge. They were able to transform a mummy into a capacitor. That could explain the millions of mummies of different sizes and animal species as portable capacitors.
I have to quote Philip Corso's book " The Day After Roswell" :"The air force discovered that the entire vehicle functioned just like a giant capacitor. In other words, the craft itself stored the energy necessary to propagate the magnetic wave that elevated it, allowed it to achieve escape velocity from the earth's gravity, and enabled it to achieve speeds of over seven thousand miles per hour. The pilots weren't affected by the tremendous g-forces that build up in the acceleration of conventional aircraft because to aliens inside, it was as if gravity was being folded around the outside of the wave that enveloped the craft. Maybe it was like traveling inside the eye of a hurricane. But how did the pilots interface with the wave form they were generating?
I reported to General Trudeau that the secret to this system could be found in the single-piece skin-tight
coveralls spun around the creatures. The lengthwise atomic alignment of the strange fabric was a clue to me that somehow the pilots became part of the electrical storage and generation of the craft itself. They didn't just pilot or navigate the vehicle; they became part of the electrical circuitry of the vehicle, vectoring it in a way similar to the way you order a voluntary muscle to move. The vehicle was simply an extension of their own bodies because it was tied into their neurological systems in ways that even today we are just beginning to utilize.
Sounds familiar? Just a coincidence or the same technology at work?

Tutankhamun’s tomb is a technological electrochemical device that used advanced acoustics knowledge in order to function properly!
The same technology and concepts (electrostatic telluric energy harvesters and advanced acoustics) were used to create the Tabernacle- Ark of the Covenant portable complex.
More evidence of use of electricity and special technology in ancient times will follow.  

This preliminary study gathers common archaeological discoveries and historical texts and by a different approach leads to a paradigm shift. The only logical explanation of the high tech knowledge in our history is that humanity inherited it from a more ancient developed society and/or directly from extraterrestrial beings.

Selective Bibliography

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