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King Tut communication device











King Tut communication device

(the Tutcom)

 I know that a different approach in the interpretation of ancient religious objects could be considered by the most as bad science or just a speculation close more to science-fiction then science.  But I also know that resemblances between objects and priests garments are obvious at least in three major religions (ancient Egypt polytheism, Judaism and Christianity), more as a common legacy then a mere mimic of these habits. I also know that if you want to hide something, if you want to keep it secret, the effective method is to expose it as clear as you can but you have to have a real good dissimulation to cover it. If in modern times spies hide their gadgets in common use objects, in ancient times this religious items had to be seen by everybody but not to disclose their technical blueprint.  It was easier to commute the attention to a shiny and glamorous piece of work in order to cover its functionality. That I think was the method to cover the real function of religious items or devices presented to the public and believers as sacred jewelry or sacred items that had to be by dogma in use to communicate with the gods. The explanation was that all these items have to be made of gold and precious stones because gods like those beautiful objects and materials! But what if all this jewelry inlaid with faience and precious stones are in fact made with precise and technical communication design?

This article is a follow-up of the previous one regarding Tutankhamun’s tomb as a complex electrostatic machine. I think it’s obvious that the human body was deliberately electro statically charged even when the pharaoh was alive! But what was the point of doing so, what was the goal?  Let’s explore together and maybe we’ll find out!

A curious succession of metal-linen layers were found on Tutankhamun’s mummy. When Carter removed the gold mask, a sort of helmet that could be worn supported by the shoulders, he found the mummy’s head covered with a lot of linen bandages.

Carter describes the uncovering of Tutankhamun’s head as follows:

“ (4N) Some of the outer bandages of the top of the head, remained adhering to the interior of the mask, thus exposing a double rope-like 'lawaya' encircling the crown of the head, made of a (?) fibrous material tightly bound with string. This had slipped down slightly during the operation of withdrawing the head from mask. This peculiar object has loops at the back for attachment and being of very fragile nature it was somewhat broken.

Over the left orbit, possibly originally attached to 4N, though this is not clear, there were six dark blue faience beads.
(4O) Beneath (4N) there were several layers of wrappings, of coarse linen probably for protective reasons, which when removed disclosed around the crown of the head a magnificent diadem, in the form of a gold fillet encrusted, having two back and two side appendages. The side appendages have uraeii attached to them.

(4P) Underneath more wrappings there was a thin sheet gold forehead band. This band extended behind and above the ears, having slits at the extremities for tape attachment tied at the back of the head. On either side of the head were large protective wads of linen.

(4Q) Under diadem (4O) and beneath several thicknesses of wrappings was a (Buto) uraeus on centre of forehead, with body & tail of several sections continuing over the axis of the crown of the head, and sewn at the extreme end to the wrapping - this sewing was in the vicinity of the lambda.
(4R) On the crown of the head and covering that portion of the snake was a heavy sheet gold Nekhbet vulture, her body being parallel with that of the snake, and her open wings covering the crown of the head of the King.

On removing these last two objects it was found that the head wrappings were tied at the back in the manner of a chinon. Note linen headdress.
(4S) Beneath more wrappings, a thin sheet gold band exactly similar to (4P) and in similar position was tied beneath the occiput by means of linen tape fastened by knot in centre - (see photo).
Upon the head was placed a sort of skull cap of fine linen and worked upon a design of curve serpent pattern, this was supposed to secure for the dead one a sight of the sun.
(4T) This actual skull-cap of the thinnest cambric fabric having device of four uraeii worked with very fine faience and gold beads, the centres of the head of the cobras bearing small cartouches, takes in order sequence the letter 4T, and fits closely to the crown of the head. As it would have been practically impossible to remove this device owing to its fragile nature & minuteness of work, it was consolidated with paraffin wax and left in place.

(4U) (4V) Upon the top of the head of the King, was an enormous pad some ... centimetres in height, of linen wads and bandages wrapped in the manner of a modern surgical head bandage. This was of a conical form and in its shape was suggestive of a crown. The linen was in this case in far better preservation than any hitherto found upon the mummy. Its purpose is obscure, though possibly it either represented the form of the crown of Osiris (the mummy being necessarily made in his semblance), or was merely a pad intended to fill up the space that otherwise would have been left empty in hollow of the headdress of the mask. The former explanation seems for the moment to be the more probable. Besides a small amuletic headrest, found beneath the above mentioned head pad this completed the total ornaments found upon the royal mummy.”

But we have to go back to the golden mask. That is also Carter’s description:
“The face, headdress and collarette are of massive sheet gold. Eyes of aragonite, pupils of obsidian, eyelids and eyebrows of lapis lazuli.
The symbols, the uraeus (Buto) and the vulture (Nekhbet), of Upper and Lower Egypt, upon the forehead are also of massive gold inlaid with semi-precious stone and glass.”
As I said above the mask is big enough to be worn as some sort of helmet. And that is intriguing because it was easier to build just a frontal funerary mask. But what if when still being alive Tutankhamun was wearing that mask for other purposes? What could one effectively do with such a mask and what’s the connection with all the other “gadgets’ found on the mummy’s head and neck? Why should be placed the diadem’s two uraeus in contact with the skull behind the ear? Why was placed the Nekhbet gold vulture exactly above the skull, her open wings covering the crown of the head of the King and fixed in proximity of the lambda suture of the skull?
What if we are witnessing an ancient brain waives amplifier, emitter and receiver.
If the mask is a portable resonant chamber, the sheet gold forehead band is the brain wave collector and receiver and the gold diadem with the lateral appendages going on the area of the skull behind the ears or the earlobe (the earlobe is a location with minimal neural activity) is the grounding, then we have a wireless, brainwaves amplifier, communication device! We find the linen wave filters too! 

I think, all the so called amulets and jewelry found on the mummy were devices that in conjunction with the mask and the head bands were used when Tutankhamun was alive! Maybe they were tuned to fit his very personal brain waves and that’s why he was buried with the whole device! They knew how to keep and use the static electrical charge in a living body too! And that combined with the resonant mask will amplify his brainwaves in order to communicate! I have to make another remark! King Tut’s head was shaved as all the priests did in ancient Egypt. Was it a practical reason to do so?

Two strange features are represented on the mask that could have a technical purpose: the royal beard in front and a curious corrugated tube at the back that is going down following the spine. The back of the mask looks also like a focusing item! Of course all that is a speculation but I do not think that what follows is mere coincidence!
This brain controlled technical device is now in use in modern military aviation (as wireless flight control- weapons control) or in brain waves wireless computer control!

And another interesting article:
Here are two civilian applications of a brain wave amplifier and how they work:
Muse device by Interaxon

Muse brain sensors

I prefer to leave to NeuroSky the technical explanation about how our brain works and what really does there device. Here are some quotes from their web page:
MindWave Mobile by NeuroSky
 “The human brain is made up of billions of interconnected neurons about the size of a pinhead. As neurons interact, patterns manifest as singular thoughts such as a math calculation, and broad emotional states such as attention. The average human thinks 70,000 thoughts each day. As a by-product, every interaction between neurons creates a miniscule electrical discharge, measurable by EEG (electroencephalogram) machines. By themselves, these charges are impossible to measure from outside the skull. However, a dominant mental state, driven by collective neuron activity created by hundreds of thousands concurrent discharges, can be measured.”

”Through a century of experimentation, neuroscience experts have determined where specific activity occurs within the brain. Motor control of limbs occurs in the top of the brain, for example. Vision is processed in the back of the brain. From an evolutionary point of view, these basic functions are present in most animals. As humans evolved into more intelligent creatures, the pre-frontal cortex in the front of the brain is where higher thinking occurs. Emotions, mental states, concentration, etc. are all dominant in this area. This is the primary reason for NeuroSky’s main sensor placement on a position known as FP1.”

”Different brain states are the result of different patterns of neural interaction. These patterns lead to waves characterized by different amplitudes and frequencies. As examples, brainwaves between 12 and 30 hertz, Beta Waves, are associated with concentration, while waves between 8 and 12 hertz, Alpha Waves, are associated with calm relaxation. Often overshadowing brainwaves, the contraction of muscles is also associated with unique wave patterns, called EMG. Isolating these EMG patterns is how some NeuroSky devices detect eye blinks. “
 “The single sensor on FP1 provides a high degree of freedom; NeuroSky devices can measure multiple mental states simultaneously. The physics of brainwaves is virtually identical to the physics of sound waves where a single microphone can pick up the complexity of a concert.”

”All electrical devices, including computers, lightbulbs, wall sockets, etc., leak some level of ambient “noise”. This noise is often loud enough to obfuscate brainwaves.”

”Part of NeuroSky’s IP involves noise cancellation. Signal amplification makes the raw brainwave signal stronger. Filtering protocols eliminate known noise frequencies such as muscle, pulse and electrical devices. Notch filters eliminate electrical noise from the grid, which varies from 50Hz to 60Hz, depending on worldwide geography. Filter technology remains at the forefront of NeuroSky R&D, and future products will refine this imperfect capability. “

”Additional IP involves electrical engineering. Extrapolating EEG brainwave signals from noise requires both a reference point and an electrical circuit grounding. The grounding makes the body voltage the same as the headset. The reference is used to subtract the common ambient noise through a process known as common mode rejection. The earlobe is a location that experiences the same ambient noise as the NeuroSky forehead sensor but with minimal neural activity. Hence, it is crucial that the ear connection be securely fit. “
“Electrical signals in neurons are not transmitted the same way electrical signals that travel along wires are nor do they have a source of electricity being fed into them. Instead each neuron creates its own electrical charge. Every time one of these electrical signals reach the end of a neuron, chemicals are released that tell the surrounding neurons to create their own electrical signals. These signals are called “action potentials” and when a neuron creates one it is said to have “fired”.”

”It is possible for atoms and molecules to have a positive or negative charge, these charged particles are known as ions; positive and negative ions want to be paired together like the positive and negative poles of two magnets. When no signal is being transmitted a neuron uses pumps to move positive ions outside of the cell. These pumps require a great deal of energy because the positive ions want to go back into the now negatively charged cell. The energy required to power these pumps comes from ATP, the same molecule that carries energy to muscles throughout the body.”

”The first law of thermodynamics states that energy can only change forms but cannot be created or destroyed. The energy used to power the pumps becomes stored as the charge differential between the inside and outside of the cell. When that differential is removed by the flow of positive ions into the cell, the stored energy is released in the form of small waves. Like little waves combining to create big waves in the ocean, as thousands of neurons fire, the little waves come together to create the larger waves knows as brain waves. It is these dominant brainwaves that are measured by NeuroSky devices. “

“Brain computer interface (BCI) is a system that translates the electrophysiological activity or metabolic rate of an organic organisms’ nervous system into signals that can be interpreted by a mechanical device. “

”NeuroSky devices are affordable, portable, and wireless. Most EEG based consumer devises on the market are essentially stripped down versions of medical EEGs. The core technology behind NeuroSky devices has been built from the ground up. This has allowed NeuroSky to inexpensively produce a chip that that filters out the ambient waves present in most uncontrolled conditions and effectively measures neural activity in virtually any condition with 96% the accuracy of similarly configured research grade EEGs. “
“All NeuroSky technology is unidirectional; where information travels from the brain to the device but not the other way around. It would be physically impossible to use a NeuroSky product to control someone’s thoughts.”

Strangely enough, this brain wave amplifier bands are described by Col. Philip Corso’s book “The day after Roswell” as part of the debris found at the famous Roswell crash site! This item was part of alien ship’s remote control and was sent to be reverse engineered by US aviation contractors! 
I highly recommend an article published here:

The gold mask and the headbands together with all the accessories could have been a brainwave wireless amplifier. This device could be in use to monitor the experiences, the mental state and every day life experience of the pharaoh. As in modern times, brain activity can be influenced by electromagnetic waves, and I’m convinced that the same phenomena could be experienced in ancient times by the use of this mask-diadem feedback device.
We can observe the same Modus Operandi in all that sacred technology. If what Col. Phil Corso disclosed are true historical facts, and I have no reason to doubt about that, I suppose that the same alien species not only did not change this technological approach in more then three thousand years but they still use it as their main bio-technical concept.
Further researches should be done and we are very lucky to have at hand all that ancient marvels.


Col.ret.Philip Corso- "The day after Roswell"

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  1. King tuts mask and gear right down to the necklace he wore was used as a Radio frequency reciever and a transponder . The (Beard was in fact an amplifier as well as the tubular band on the back of his helmet ( tubular coil) with lapis insulation …his head pieces form the pickup from his brain to transmit from the vulture and recieve signals thrue the cobras. Adjusted frequencies are done with the lower left bar (cobra everything ment to disguise the equipment they were wearing I do believe they said their information later with everyone , thats what they built the pyremide for. Power for everyones use

  2. Thats the secrete … I compared the Giza pyramids and King Tuts mask to a crystal radio . WoW there it was so simple to compare the (receiver) parts of the 3 together . Same setup for all 3 frequency tuners ( king tuts head gear ( under the mask connected to his skull , cloth insulation . The Pyramids ( king chambers) and the Crystal radio .

  3. BTW… the stones inlaid in the diadem vibrate at certain frequencys . The stone(gem) necklace was used for a frequency adjuster notice the shape and the 3 layers and the stone arrangement, like a radio dial next to the beard ? . Everything he wore gold , stones . Decorations ? No ' All parts of a transponder . Reciever device


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