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Equinoxes and solstices.  Both are common words nowadays with no exciting meaning for the most of us but with religious antic powers. All peoples of the earth knew them and respected them a lot. Why? 
Calendars, very precise calendars in fact are present in all ancient cultures. Why?
General explanation: seasons and agriculture, maybe some catastrophic or memorable events. As simple as that!

Do you believe it? I don’t. Too simple!
The peasant plowing in spring knows that it is spring without a precise calendar. You do not have to have a perfect astronomic calendar in order to be aware of an exact date for the annual flooding of the Nile for example. In Stonehenge we have no Nile at all! And the sky is not clear all the time. Sometimes is raining or is foggy. Why redundancy is necessary?

But still why is present in history that curious need for precise dates? They did not have space travel. Or did they? All around the world we have ancient ‘temples’ most of them architectural marvels oriented always according to equinoxes and solstices. We can find an endless list of such buildings and sites that create a network on planet Earth. A network populated all the time by initiated people, shamans, priests, kings, prophets, etc. What if this is more part of a communication network? I’ll explain! These sacred places always involve granite and quartz somehow in the buildings themselves or in the geological location. That means energy, electrostatic power, amplified telluric energy, Ley Lines locations. All ancient civilizations, even the most remote, used gold as the metal of the gods, in all sacred performances, sacred equipment of priests and kings, and especially head bands or gold crowns.
We know that all the calendars in use during the human history, even if there are differences, all of them consider of capital importance the equinoxes and the solstices.

If I reverse somehow this approach, if I am a “god” or an alien that wants to communicate remotely with humans I have to establish some simple rules but very precise. I have to teach them the protocol in order to harvest some free energy from the environment, to amplify it, to create some simple brain waves amplifiers based on gold and precious stones, to teach them how to produce resonant sounds as sacred music, etc. But I have to do that directly, face to face, after a strict selection of smart humans maybe already genetically modified, that can connect and obey!
But what happens when I leave not before telling them that “I’ll be back!”? What if I want to be able to communicate/control even from a remote location in space/time? I need to have some sort of fix and precise astronomical dates, in accordance to this solar system and time frame! The best way to do it is to teach humans to observe the sun during the year and to establish in the easiest way (long lasting markings on the ground) the equinoxes and the solstices. They are more effective then an atomic clock or the best calendar ever! That means historically that our solar system is stable and predictable enough!
So, I created the human network that is always on place if I need them for communication or direct encounters, I cover the entire globe with sacred astronomical observatories (or temples if you want) and now I am sure that I will find someone on its early morning shift job somewhere on earth during this precise four days! If the human contactees keep the protocol and use the gadgets I left as learned from direct encounters then I will have my brain to brain (or conscience to conscience) communication even when I am in space/time but with exact astronomical precision! The dating of the gods will say Von Daniken! Maybe so, and I am quite sure that works that way! Do not forget that for thousands of years solstices and equinoxes were worshiped as sacred dates and we have no stop or pause during the known history of men on this earth whatever the religions or cults would be! We know so little because of hiding in plain view of simple truths and because this sacred technology is still working in our days and the Stargate Keepers are alive and kicking!
Lots of questions about that issue can be raised:
Who is behind all that? What is the purpose? Is it communication, control, manipulation, genetic modification of human targets through resonant waves? Has Shumann resonance effect in the earth’s ionosphere any influence on that ‘communication” during solstices and equinoxes? What is the importance and is there any connection with the mysterious precession of the equinoxes so important in ancient times?

As usual the need for holistic studies is obvious and I hope we will find some answers a way or another, by shaking the scientists or by contemplating on the right day our mysterious sacred monuments.

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