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From Heads to Toes of the Gods

From Heads to Toes of the Gods

How many times did you “electrocute” yourself by discharging the annoying electrostatic power harvested by wearing wool clothing? Sometimes I hated to get out of my car for the same reason: the big painful spark that shook my body when I was touching the ground! Even the more prosaic kiss can deliver a shock that is rather electrical then a romantic subjective feeling.
In our days electric stimulation of the brain activity is a fact. Trans-cranial electrodes can deliver small amounts of electric power in order to stimulate certain parts of the brain to enhance memory for example.
But from all the present evidence we have we can conclude that ancient Egyptians were in control of electrostatic power and they were able to use it as conscience boosters, brain activity enhancers and in terrestrial god-to-human communication.
Here are some interesting features that support this hypothesis:
The depictions of the Egyptian kings show them sometimes wearing sandals and sometimes not. Also part of the divine garment is the gold bull tail interpreted by some as a sign of virility. The fabric in use for all priests and kings garments is linen. Linen is not creating electrostatic charge. Linen was also mandatory for all Moses Tabernacle priests. Sandals are depicted as worn in normal life. During prayers or direct contact with the Gods both the king and the Gods are barefooted in direct contact with the earth. Also when on Earth they wear gold tails connected to a gold waist belt.
Looking for some articles about static electricity I stumbled upon an article that is explaining very well and simple how this phenomenon works.  (
I have to quote some of the explanations if you are already familiar with static electricity that develops in enclosed, dry places (as Egyptian temples by the way).
Some manufacturing workers are required to abide by strict clothing regulations, avoiding sweaters and hats that might encourage static. Technicians might wear wrist straps that are attached to the floor with a metal wire, sending extra electrons out of the room and into the ground.” Doesn’t this sound familiar? Remember the strict guidelines on how Moses’ tabernacle priests had to be dressed with and what fabric should they use? Is it just coincidental the grounding with wrist straps of modern technicians and the golden King’s tail connected to a waist belt instead (a couple of gold tails were found in Tutankhamun’s tomb)? 

Other redundant discharge assets can be found in ancient Egypt kings objects and cult assets as the Was scepter.

Ancient Egyptian knew about the existence of static charge and maybe they interpreted it as the power of life. It is impossible that in a very dry environment and climate as Egypt’s one, people will not observe sparks created by static electricity. Also ( I know is a gruesome and graphic explanation but I have to be clear) a living body, a priest in this case, when charged and insulated from the ground, was able to discharge himself during a mummification process by touching the body of the deceased. Maybe the corpse was insulated from ground and the priest was barefooted. The result was a blue spark and a corpse convulsing for a fraction of a second. Try to put yourself in the priest’s shoes, or sandals! What would your conclusion be? Experiments with human bodies and frog body parts involving electricity proved that the flux of electrons is moving through the nervous system creating a muscular response. The logic conclusion should be that electricity is life or the soul that is still present in a dead body!
Is it static electricity enough powerful to create such events? From the same site I gave you the link above, I quote:
"As you keep walking across the floor, you become full of electrons," said Todd Hubing, from the Electromagnetic Compatibility Laboratory at the University of Missouri-Rolla. "Eventually more electrons don't want to come up on you because you're so charged up. You end up with a high voltage, about 20,000 to 25,000 volts."
So we are able to do incredible things with all this power!
Let’s leave the “afterlife” and go back to the land of the living!
First I have to remember you that Egypt is subjected to intense seismic activity. Fault lines are particularly electrostatic generators. Now we can move on.

Static electricity does not discharge from a living body in a uniform pattern. In a dry environment the head will keep a higher negative charge than the feet. In order to reach a neutral charge from head to toes it is compulsory to control somehow the electrostatic charge of the body. All of those gold devices as crowns, gold bands, bracelets, finger rings and toe rings warn by the ancient Egyptian kings were assets that could also store electricity. The throne was gilded as well as the platform on which the throne was placed.

So the boosted king had an increased brain wave activity just because the electromagnetic field surrounding his head was higher then normal. It is well known that electromagnetic fields can activate certain parts of the brain and can even create strange visions or sounds in the mind of the test subject. But what if this hyper brain wave activity is not just a mere illusion but there are actually doors opened to other realities or places in the Universe or telepathic communication, and so on? What if ancient Egyptians elite knew and controlled it? (more on how ancient regalia was used and an excellent link on how the brain works in a previous article: King Tut communication device)
Let’s explore further the technical issue!
I think we should take the ancient artifacts that represent the king’s garment as a whole. By itself every item is just a beautiful object with no practical meaning. But what if we are dealing with a special sacred suit?
The leadership beard, symbol of the Egyptian king only, was connected by two strips (possible with gold line inserted into the fabric) with the golden band covering the forehead above the prefrontal cortex (the communication area of the brain). Other gold “amulets” are placed on the shaved skull and are connecting the royal crown to rest of the device.

The gold breastplates and necklaces above the heart can lower the electrostatic charge from the head to the lower part of the body. It was enough just to bend the head to create a discharge contact from the gold beard to the breastplate followed by other lower placed jewelry placed on the body. Scepters had the same function. According to the jewelry and amulets placed on Tutankhamun’s body, these items are strangely placed in, what other cultures call, Chakra points. (

As nerve nodal points these areas of the body convey the electrical impulses of the living being to the brain and back. Other important ancient civilizations knew it! Acupuncture is just an example. Different methods were used to reach similar results: body electric equilibrium and control, brain wave boosting and increased focusing capacity.

King Tut linen gloves- Insulator gloves?

Electricity seems, according to other scientific fields of research, the engine of creation, of the fabric of the Universe itself.
Prior of publishing this article I asked a couple of neurologists their opinion on my theory. They confirmed as expected that induced and controlled electricity applied to the nervous system (particularly to the head area) could lead to brainwave response and as a professional, off the record, advise they recommend to who is in pain, to go back to traditional medicine at least in parallel with the modern one. They questioned rhetorically how the ancients accumulated this knowledge and if they found it out by themselves or if it was a “gift” from somebody else.
Electronic engineers confirmed also that “sacred electronics” and “sacred suits” could be technical devices, even if they were not able to determine the exact practical use.
I just want to remember you the use of defibrillators, electro-shock in mental illness (obsolete and counterproductive treatment by now) or tasers as electric gadgets or procedures that use electric discharge to repair or disrupt neuronal electric balance. Maybe ancient Egyptians were able to use some of their static electricity regalia as weapons as well.
I can't avoid thinking about some gestures that are recurrent in certain religions, that could be interpreted as a deliberate electric discharge of the head and the upper body. I will give you some examples. The Muslims are touching the ground with their foreheads and are touching their faces during prayers. They are always barefoot! The Christians are making the cross sign by touching the forehead, the lower part of the chest and the shoulders at the end of very intense prayers. Is it an extra electrical charge present in certain parts of the brain that has to be neutralized? Is a longer term exposure to prayer dangerous for the brain activity? Anyway, newer religions are more "popular" and the need for gold head bands and precious accessories seems to be eliminated. Or is it just a different brain wave frequency in use?
In my opinion modern archaeology should rely on sciences which are, apparently, very far from its field of expertise. Experts in electronics, neurology, genetics, geophysicists, statisticians, geologists and astronomers have to play an active role in every ancient archaeology project. Even Sci Fi authors or journalists could be involved just to put the most outrageous theories in the arms and minds of the experts.

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Lord Kelvin’s Sema-Tawy

Lord Kelvin’s Sema-Tawy

A picture is worth a thousand words! The ancient Egyptians knew it and we know it too.
The tendency of rediscovering ancient knowledge is a fact. Also I have to say that sacred technology was under the control of the very few priests, shamans, magicians or kings. The theory maybe was not so developed but this few sacred scientists knew that keeping the guidelines received probably by the gods they were able to develop functional tools, using just what the environment can provide them, with non destructive techniques. Most of these tools of them were electric and the methods to obtain electric power were based on electro static devices. I wrote before about the possible use of granite, quartz crystals and other precious stones combined with gold and silver.
One of the most intriguing ancient Egyptian objects, to me at least, is the Sema Tawy.

“The Sema-Tawy is an ancient symbol of the union of the Two Lands, Upper and Lower Egypt. It is composed of the heraldic plants of the Two Lands. Lilies, for the south (Upper), and papyrus, for the north (Lower), are knotted around the hieroglyphic sign for 'union’.” (
But could be this symbol interpreted differently, as a real factual object for example? What purpose should have such an object that has to be operated by two individuals? The so called “alabaster perfume jar” found in Tutankhamun’s treasure is very detailed and metal ornaments at the ends of the papyri and lilies flowers are suggesting some sort of electric connection. We can see that the two servants are connecting only “flowers” of the same type and not as in a union of the different plants described. Even the “roots” are connected in a clear different graphic manner to the soil or land or insulation platform.

I know that my theory is outrageous but be patient because it is more to discover!
The Sema-Tawy is depicted as a power object concealed always below the king’s throne. Why? Is it only the king’s attribute to use such a powerful device? What if this “symbol” is in fact an electric generator? An electro static generator, to be more precise, that works very well in a very dry environment as Egypt. Even if this symbol has the general public meaning of Unity of the two lands, the real utility was as usual hidden in plain sight.

Let’s leave this subject for a wile and let’s travel forward a couple of thousands of years.
In 1867, the British scientist William Thomson (Lord Kelvin) invented a water dropper electrostatic generator strangely similar to the Sema Tawi symbol! If the Sema Tawy is translated into lab equipment it will look like even a more complex Kelvin electric generator. Down here you can find all the technical explanations:

 Even the “knot’ at the center of the device is present, or the water container or the insulator platforms. By the way, the Egyptian hieroglyph for “water jar” ( W14) is suggesting exactly that regarding the centered piece of the Sema Tawi device. 
The voltage obtained with a simple Kelvin generator is in the range of kilovolts and can be stored in Leyden jars capacitors (or other possible capacitors as the Ark of the Covenant). Even a small Leyden jar made of a plastic water bottle can store enough energy to lead to a cardiac arrest in case of accidental discharge!
I want to mention also that the electric spark created during discharge is in fact plasma! Plasma discharge is in use today in granite and other rock quarry controlled fragmentation and exploitation (wet rock using fresh or salt water).
The working principle could be the ancient Egyptian water clocks.

If this theory is to be proven then other interesting facts should be get into consideration.  How should we understand the meaning of Upper and Lower Egypt? If lilies and papyri flowers are electric symbols how could we retranslate some of the ancient texts and carvings? The implications are huge!
The Sema Tawy looks like a plus-minus natural force, positive and negative conductors or an Upper- Lower balance if you want, too similar to a Kelvin generator to be just another coincidence.
My conclusion is that archaeological work and hieroglyphic translation should involve electronic engineers and scientists from other fields of research in order to go further the first level of interpretation and to recover as much as we can from our lost sacred technology.

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Back to the future of sacred technology

Technological evolution of humanity represents the obvious lens we can look through to get a clearer picture of the past. Magic becomes science, fact and mystical or magical stories get another meaning. If you could send back in time no more than 200 years a laptop computer with some multimedia installed on it then you would have the surprise to see an astonished reaction among these timeframe observers. They will perceive it as a magic mirror or a sacred icon and they will worship the movie or whatever pictures displayed on the LCD screen. If you could do this using SKYPE or some other communication tool then total shock and fear would be the reaction among those poor bastards. Even a smaller “magic mirror” as a smart phone would do the job! So, further back in time you go greater the shock will be! But stories about magic mirrors exist all over the world. These magic mirrors can predict the future and, weird enough, you can talk to them! Sometimes you can even see the future reflected on these strange artifacts.

Dendera mirror-Horus eye

The natural trend of humanity is to copy anyhow, with any means, that which impressed them most in a certain timeframe, no matter if they understood or not the fact or event they witnessed. The next logical question is WHAT did our ancestors see so powerful to make them recreate an event? Or, maybe, they were led to build some functional tools that were totally magic to them?
There is an excerpt from the Exodus that always fascinated me, and I quote:
“Thou shalt not make unto thee any graven image, or any likeness of any thing that is in heaven above, or that is in the earth beneath, or that is in the water under the earth.”

That reminded me of a funny thing shown on the news channels a couple of days ago. An old lady leaving a Christian Orthodox procession of worshiping some saint relics, after kissing the different icons and the bones of the reliquary, kissed also in a hurry the reporter’s microphone!
 Was the Second Commandment lost in time or was it overpowered by the image of something that church forefathers witnessed sometime in the past? 

I asked some Christian Orthodox priests why they build the churches as they do. What is the explanation? They said that this is the Dogma and it has to be done this way because it is sacred. Period! No other explanations available. But if you study a cross section of the Tabernacle, of Solomon’s Temple and of an Orthodox church it’s obvious that their rooms have the same shapes, patterns and functionality.  Each of the above is the copy of the previous concept. 

Another fascinating issue is the name of the main chamber of a church and this is Nave. The meaning is ship. Why? An official explanation is that the shape of the roof is like an upside-down ship or boat, or the symbol of Noah’s Ark. The real origin of naming Nave this main chamber is unknown though. What if the church, as a building, is the copy of a real ship, a space ship maybe? It is outrageous right? But let’s analyze the evidence!
You will find the complete description of an Eastern Orthodox Church here:

Why should architecture be so precise? Why such a military engineering rigidity in the functionality of each room? Why should communication with God be so technical? It looks like a machine with restricted areas and technical rooms.

The similarities between the cross section of an Orthodox church and of a modern airplane seem not to be coincidental at all. The Nave is the main fuselage that ends with communication multiple screens or displays called Iconostasis 

We find another icon stand or display in the nartex (vestibule), and in the Nave are present seats around the walls almost like in a military transport airplane. Did the Church forefathers witness an “Angel” assault aircraft?  

Too odd to be true but it is, the sanctuary, holy place or altar is the cockpit, a very restricted area to the non professionals in both church and aircraft! Each entrance through the iconostasis to the sanctuary is strictly designated to whom is allowed to get in, following the rules of a job description and the levels of security control. 

The cupola represents the sky and another sacred tech tool is the star navigation “compass” the Horos, a chandelier placed exactly below the cupola.

This chandelier integrates 12 lights and 12 depictions of saints, an ancient horoscope reminder of ancient Egypt astronomical charts. 


Too many coincidences and I do not believe in coincidences any more.
What and why was so important to preserve these exact technical characteristics?  Did someone or something know in the past that we will be able to understand in the future the exact meaning of this sacred technology? Is finally our level of scientific knowledge good enough to get through the veil of magic and to understand the reality?
“Thou shalt not make unto thee any graven image…” do not kiss the microphone or the LCD display could be the lesson to be learned! We deal with a new era that gives us the opportunity to get the message, the real meaning of ancient magic knowledge. Just think outside the box!

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Strange patterns

 Strange patterns

The Nile

The Earth is a miracle! Teaming with life of all sorts, with a strange and not understood history, having a strangely perfect natural satellite in order to maintain the perpetual pulse of the planet, the Earth seems alive! And maybe it is!
Maybe is just a homocentric perception but seems that our Universe was made to be contemplated, seen and observed, watched and most of all, enjoyed!
Let’s admit for a couple of minutes that the Earth is a living organism.  Let’s say that is some sort of a heart. It is alive inside with all that magma and fluids running and dynamic core. The earth vibrates or actually sings on its own frequency. Every planet sings on specific tones and harmonies and the solar System is performing like a giant orchestra.

But the Earth has also its electric behavior and is scientifically proven! I’m not speaking about obvious atmospheric effects (lightning, fountain space plasma discharge or plasma balls) or the electrical charge of the ionosphere, even if these are part of our planet’s life!
It was proved that above fault lines there are some sort of electrical discharges during earthquakes. That vertical discharge of energy towards the outer space seems to be a need to planetary equilibrium. Telluric energy also is observed to travel from side to side of the planet in conjunction with the Sun creating grids of power called also Ley Lines.
As I said above, the Universe is very “visual”, very graphic! Let’s watch the Earth carefully then! We can observe a very curious look-alike between the shapes of lightning, of any electrical discharge actually, and the river basins erosion shapes.

Why?  Is it any connection of the underground electric pattern of the earth and the waters running above?  Or can I extend that also to the shapes and behavior of phreatic water too? 

This water activity seems to be determined by the telluric energy of the region. It is more obvious when you look at desert areas of the Earth. The electrical pattern is clearly visible. Unfortunately, as the heart getting a stroke, a heart attack, so the earth seems to behave in these desert areas! We can compare the less fueled part of the muscle of the heart (by the way the shapes of the entire circulatory system look also like as electrical discharges!) with the lack of electric activity in a certain area of the earth!

Both bring to the death of that area. Maybe this telluric energy shapes our own vascular and neuronal systems too and by the way, the crowns and the roots of the trees have the same lightning shape, and so on! Curious things, right? 

If this theory is correct then it will open new fields of research in terraforming our planet’s deserts or even Mars, if Mars has still some telluric life in it!


 Another connection can be done too. Sudden low air pressure exchange during storms triggers earthquakes. It’s a fact and is enough to Google this subject and you will find interesting studies performed by scientists. But what if there is another connection from a local difference of the electric potential that appears in fault line locations to low pressure electrically charged atmosphere. Is this the path to earthquake prediction?
 Maybe this is the energy that puts in motion the rods of dowsing practitioners! They look for water but in fact they use the natural telluric energy (or natural Earth’s electricity) that determines water behavior in certain areas.
I think that ancient cultures knew all that, and they used, harvested all this energy! They could also estimate the right places to erect temples, pyramids or shrines, according to the precise need for or without telluric energy! Or maybe the location, in time, lost its natural Earth power and as a consequence, the water nearby, transforming those sacred locations into meaningful desert places. Was it the Tree of Life, present in all ancient cultures the avatar of the same electric discharge that is obvious everywhere? Is the tabernacle lamp an abstract concept of the tree of life as a lightning symbol too? Is electricity life? Lots of questions!

Maybe we forget that electric paddles are used when the heart must be restarted or that coral growth is stimulated by the use of mild electric power, or the DNA manipulation in the lab and so on!
Concluding, I say that as usual there is a need to holistic studies and new approaches in the study of the Solar System and the Universe itself because this kind of energy patterns could disclose evidence of intelligent life that used or still use this incredible source of power!

Recommended sites:

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