Saturday, June 14, 2014

Back to the future of sacred technology

Technological evolution of humanity represents the obvious lens we can look through to get a clearer picture of the past. Magic becomes science, fact and mystical or magical stories get another meaning. If you could send back in time no more than 200 years a laptop computer with some multimedia installed on it then you would have the surprise to see an astonished reaction among these timeframe observers. They will perceive it as a magic mirror or a sacred icon and they will worship the movie or whatever pictures displayed on the LCD screen. If you could do this using SKYPE or some other communication tool then total shock and fear would be the reaction among those poor bastards. Even a smaller “magic mirror” as a smart phone would do the job! So, further back in time you go greater the shock will be! But stories about magic mirrors exist all over the world. These magic mirrors can predict the future and, weird enough, you can talk to them! Sometimes you can even see the future reflected on these strange artifacts.

Dendera mirror-Horus eye

The natural trend of humanity is to copy anyhow, with any means, that which impressed them most in a certain timeframe, no matter if they understood or not the fact or event they witnessed. The next logical question is WHAT did our ancestors see so powerful to make them recreate an event? Or, maybe, they were led to build some functional tools that were totally magic to them?
There is an excerpt from the Exodus that always fascinated me, and I quote:
“Thou shalt not make unto thee any graven image, or any likeness of any thing that is in heaven above, or that is in the earth beneath, or that is in the water under the earth.”

That reminded me of a funny thing shown on the news channels a couple of days ago. An old lady leaving a Christian Orthodox procession of worshiping some saint relics, after kissing the different icons and the bones of the reliquary, kissed also in a hurry the reporter’s microphone!
 Was the Second Commandment lost in time or was it overpowered by the image of something that church forefathers witnessed sometime in the past? 

I asked some Christian Orthodox priests why they build the churches as they do. What is the explanation? They said that this is the Dogma and it has to be done this way because it is sacred. Period! No other explanations available. But if you study a cross section of the Tabernacle, of Solomon’s Temple and of an Orthodox church it’s obvious that their rooms have the same shapes, patterns and functionality.  Each of the above is the copy of the previous concept. 

Another fascinating issue is the name of the main chamber of a church and this is Nave. The meaning is ship. Why? An official explanation is that the shape of the roof is like an upside-down ship or boat, or the symbol of Noah’s Ark. The real origin of naming Nave this main chamber is unknown though. What if the church, as a building, is the copy of a real ship, a space ship maybe? It is outrageous right? But let’s analyze the evidence!
You will find the complete description of an Eastern Orthodox Church here:

Why should architecture be so precise? Why such a military engineering rigidity in the functionality of each room? Why should communication with God be so technical? It looks like a machine with restricted areas and technical rooms.

The similarities between the cross section of an Orthodox church and of a modern airplane seem not to be coincidental at all. The Nave is the main fuselage that ends with communication multiple screens or displays called Iconostasis 

We find another icon stand or display in the nartex (vestibule), and in the Nave are present seats around the walls almost like in a military transport airplane. Did the Church forefathers witness an “Angel” assault aircraft?  

Too odd to be true but it is, the sanctuary, holy place or altar is the cockpit, a very restricted area to the non professionals in both church and aircraft! Each entrance through the iconostasis to the sanctuary is strictly designated to whom is allowed to get in, following the rules of a job description and the levels of security control. 

The cupola represents the sky and another sacred tech tool is the star navigation “compass” the Horos, a chandelier placed exactly below the cupola.

This chandelier integrates 12 lights and 12 depictions of saints, an ancient horoscope reminder of ancient Egypt astronomical charts. 


Too many coincidences and I do not believe in coincidences any more.
What and why was so important to preserve these exact technical characteristics?  Did someone or something know in the past that we will be able to understand in the future the exact meaning of this sacred technology? Is finally our level of scientific knowledge good enough to get through the veil of magic and to understand the reality?
“Thou shalt not make unto thee any graven image…” do not kiss the microphone or the LCD display could be the lesson to be learned! We deal with a new era that gives us the opportunity to get the message, the real meaning of ancient magic knowledge. Just think outside the box!

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